Celtic Treasure

Anna Hicks, fine gold and silver jewellery maker, feels like she has come “full circle”. Having started working with another manufacturing jeweller in Dolgellau at 16, Anna now has her jewellery back in Dolgellau for sale at Celf Aran Arts.

Anna wasn’t allowed to take metal work at school (in the days when girls did sewing and cooking), so the first thing she did when leaving school was to find work with a maker of jewellery. At 21, she then went on to run her own shop, Janna Jewellery in Dolgellau, for eight years before taking a break to have her two sons.

It was only when her youngest son wanted to try his hand in silver that Anna realised how much she missed creating her pieces, and so decided to return to making her jewellery. Having lived all her life in Snowdonia, with its rich Celtic past, her style has a definite Celtic flare, particularly suited to the fine piercing work that she specialises in, adding her own unique twist.