Dark Meg Designs

History and a longing for home

After moving to Wales at a  young age, I learnt the language, the history and the stories around here. The mountains, lakes and forests are a massive inspiration to me creatively. Stepping out the front door and being a short walk away form nature is amazing! I worked in Portmeirion for a while and being near the estuary and the gardens were like working in a postcard. I moved from the coast to a job deep in the mountains, being a tour guide in the  slate mines. I learnt about the mines and the communities, heard the ghost stories and watched the faces of tourists light up in amazement as projections and music echoed around the mine. I might not be a natural born Welsh lady, but my heart will always belong see. No matter whee I go across the world, I will always come back to Wales.

I hope my artwork and illustrations show the myths and beauty that I’ve learnt and seen here.

Catherine Rose